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The Thomson Corporation was one of the world's largest information companies. It was established in 1989 following a merger between International Thomson Organisation Ltd (ITOL) and Thomson Newspapers. In 2008, it purchased Reuters Group to form Thomson Reuters.

A former business analyst noted a toxic work environment, saying, "The managers [at Thomson] don't provide the training needed for their proprietary software and then hold you accountable for not knowing something. The direct managers I had were completely condescending, like to talk over people and talk down to you if you don't speak code. Glad I stood up for myself in such a horrible environment."


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Former Employee - Account Executive says

"Hostile work environment. Can’t go to HR or “bubble” anything up to management because they will just show you the door. Place should be called “Jerry Maguire” because all they care about is “Show Me the Numbers”. Management lies to their team because they think that managing by threatening your job every month is the best option out there. Same people that are in these management positions won’t say anything if you are doing your job; but once you slip up or have to deal with COVID - right back to the “Show Me the Numbers”! They claim they are the best and brainwash employees to convince clients they would be fools to go any place else. “Sales dejour”. Whatever the person that hit over their numbers for that particular month “Go find out what they are doing!” They must be superstars. Having a person 1 month on the job just booking phone appointments is not the example for management to throw in the faces of sales professionals go are seasoned reps. This place will crush your spirit to actually try and sell anything after you leave there. And you will leave and it will be by choice because “Senior leadership” doesn’t care."

Current Employee - Assistant Project Manager says

"Doesn't matter what you do, never receive positive feedback - only negative"

Former Employee - Business Analyst says

"The managers don't provide the training needed for their proprietary software and then hold you accountable for not knowing something. The direct managers I had were completely condescending, like to talk over people and talk down to you if you don't speak code. Glad I stood up for myself in such a horrible environment."

Former Employee - Business Development Representative says

"Lack of Leadership/Management, terrible culture, lack of diversity"

Former Employee - Account Manager says

"Management is awful. The lie and treat their employees like utter crap. Never work there."

Current Employee - Executive Assistant says

"We appreciate the feedback and recognize that we have gone through a tremendous amount of change at TR. The world is changing faster than ever before, and Thomson Reuters needs to ensure that we change in order to meet the need of our customers. One of those changes, in particular, has been that we have gone through a process to significantly delayer/reduce the amount of middle management in the organization to empower employees to better serve our customers and move faster. The new TR is a much more dynamic, fast-moving organization. We are also spending tens of millions of dollars to upgrade the technology throughout our organization. From everything from purchasing new computers for all employees, to improving the infrastructure that we all use on a daily basis. We are making fundamental changes to improve our employees' experience and are committed to that throughout 2020 and beyond."

Former Employee - Senior Systems Analyst says

"Some people have serious ego problem Really convoluted solution to easy problem Really underpaid & bonus is a joke"

Former Employee - Oracle Database Administrator says

"cost cutting is the number one objective. they will out source anything and everything on a whim. customer service takes a backseat to anything that will effect upper management bonuses. closed Rochester office with absolutely no concept of of effect on Business."

Former Employee - Editor says

"Too numerous to list here"

Former Employee - Manager says

"We appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback. As the market and our customers' needs are changing at such a quick pace, as a business, we must adapt our ways of working in order to continue to serve our customers and thrive in the marketplace."

UX Architect, Contractor (Former Employee) says

"Management change their minds and change project scope very, very often. They expect you too work 50+ hrs/wk. They have no concern for employees well being."

Technical Support Representative (Former Employee) says

"I'll start this review by stating that I am biased. Never have I felt more disrespected by any corporate entity and I loathe this company to the bottom of my soul. I've actually made a couple thousand dollars buying betting that their stock would go down (and it did) because of my experiences working there. The pay is okay but the hours are god awful. They have seasonal busy seasons that require overtime and they've structured your contract so you can't get a 1.5 rate. They built an entire department to micromanage you. Every 15 min block of your time is "optimized" and tracked. Even though you get PTO and Sick time, this can be denied to you if the company feels you are "essential" to the workforce that day. I know people who have vomited in the bathroom and have not felt comfortable enough with their managers to request to leave. I've seen callous rejections of time-off requests to take spouses to the hospital. And the free food, swag, and company culture training cannot hide the bleak prospects of their terrible business model. As a support rep, you are expected to take calls all day from geriatrics supporting legacy software products. Almost every software update breaks the program, so you have to deal with the vitriol from angry customers on a semi-weekly basis. No one else in the company seems to care that this is a common occurrence because they hire you to be the face of the company. You get to sit on the phone being the "face" getting metaphorically punched every day. People from sales will recruit you to help justify the lies they told to sell their sub-par"

Business Analyst (Current Employee) says

"With the corona virus outbreak, with Texas delcaring state emergency because of it. WE STILL HAVE TO COME TO WORK. Manager refuse to give update on why. and we are forced to use PTO if we prefer WFH"

Director (Former Employee) says

"Company full of foreign talents. Locals need not apply. Locals will be managed out and replaced with foreigners. Top management are all foreigners so what you think."

Senior Financial Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Company in a death spiral. Best to avoid the company if at all possible. Will handicap career growth If you have no choice.. this might be better than nothing.. hard to say... whole experience feels bad"

Technical Support Representative (Former Employee) says

"Thomson Reuters looks good, has a nice campus, and a lot of pretty signs claiming to be inclusive, family oriented, and all about the worker. Truth is that this place is oppressive to the point of being a hostile work environment and the extreme micromanagement punishes the workers for doing their job and serving the clients. You don't have a manager or supervisor, you have a team leader. Your team leader just listens to your phone calls all day/night and constantly belittles your performance even when the client is taken care of, happy and satisfied. I've seen people almost urinate themselves because they're scared to take themselves out of the phone queue long enough to run to the bathroom. PTO doesn't roll over year to year but whenever you request to use it, you'll be denied. It required a 2 hour PowerPoint meeting/presentation just to cover how to clock in and clock out because they will literally dock you over for any/every reason possible. There is literally no HR presence at all and no one you can talk to about anything. They have 15 different websites and logins making everything impossible to find and use and you have no time allotted during work hours to do the research yourself for even basics like benefits. The work itself is fine, the benefits are good, but the oppressive work culture, mandatory overtime, extreme and unnecessary micromanagement, and things like 30 minute lunch breaks during 16 hours shifts make TR a nightmare organisation to work for."

Order processing (Former Employee) says

"Fatal no cumplen con lo que dicen salario super bajo para el trabajo que realmente es 0 ambiente laboral managers incopetentes y no hay Profesionalidad"

Employee (Former Employee) says

"The negative out weighs the positive at this company. There is constant talk about improving but it isn't done. A lot of the employees that have been there for years are leaving. The new norm is being there for six months and you're already a veteran. There are many employees that feel overworked and no future help in sight. Just more of the same training meetings that never end."

Digital Marketing Strategist (Former Employee) says

"There are better jobs out there, don't work here for any reason. There are better jobs in the Twin Cities with better pay and work life balance. Their systems do not work and they treat their employees like worker ants and not human beings,"

Senior Manager (Current Employee) says

"You have to ignore all of the good reviews before October 2018. There was a giant reorg that occurred and now the company is HORRIFIC. I’m a senior manager and I’m being micromanaged like an entry level role. Everyone is micromanaged. Everyone is expected to wear multiple hats without competitive pay. Everyone is expected to work close to 50 hrs a week. It is an incredible stressful and toxic environment. AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTSNoneStressful, toxic work environment"

Cook (Former Employee) says

"Worked here for almost a year with very heavy work load asked for a raise numerous times they were very under staffed the whole time, with no end in sightGreat co-workersVery low pay for work load"

Sr. Product Manager-International (Former Employee) says

"old archaic products, try to string together disparate products on the same platform and pretend they are integrated....they are not and no amount of APIs are going to save them.nonemany"

Sr. Software Engineer/CI Release Engineer (Current Employee) says

"I'm not sure whether they are trying to destroy the company on purpose or just through shear incompetence. The last five years have been constant reorgs followed by restructure and nobody has a clear picture of their day to day jobs now.noneWorst place ever for your personal advancment"

senior management (Former Employee) says

"Would not recommend working here. Long hours and no appreciation. Management does not have a clear vision for success. Management constantly changes direction which causes confusion, frustration and great inefficiencies.long hours no appreciation"

Senior Oil Analyst (Current Employee) says

"I wish I could give it no stars Awful experience. Management had no clue what they were doing and refused to listen to those with experience in the markets they were selling into. They assumed as they were in managerial positions that they knew everything and ruled purely by hierachy, not by merit. Never work here."


"Thomson Reuters was concerned with two things, upper management maintaining their jobs and the bottom line. So after 19 years of employment, they laid me off without a severance package and three weeks later, learned that they hired three new people for overseas in my place. I'm sorry but that is business, but not the right way to do business.They had a great on-site cafeteria.Oh where do you want me to start???"

Camera Man (Current Employee) says

"The company di not treat me well. I am disabled now and they are giving me a hard time to pay my compensation. I was in a bad car accident and they di not care about me."

Security Fraud Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I worked for mark monitor before it was aquired by thompson reuters. it was a very boring job to analyse webpages and determine if they were phishing pages or not"

Financial Planning Senior Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Desorganización total , edificios en mal estado, sucios, Empresa que creció mucho en el último tiempo pero lejos de ser un great place to work. Muchos aspectos por mejararSeguro medico, buenos compañerosTodas! Edificios sucios y en muy mal estado"

Developpeur (Former Employee) says

"Décevant. Ma responsable arrivait à 11 heures du matin au bureau sans grand professionnalisme.aucunmauvais management"

Susan Nolan says

"Just phoned thomson to query flight that now does not exist. They confirmed there was no flight but would have to speak to one of the agents. Put me through and hung on the line for 1 hour 30 minutes with no one answering Phoned them back to see if I could speak to someone else They told me that even though there was no flight, as they hadn't been informed there was no impact on my holiday???????? How on earth can I go on holiday with no flight????? Asked for the holiday change agents number, who had conveniently closed for the day! Roll on tomorrow!! How these people sleep at night I don't know."

Helen Sharp says

"Was an hour and 43 minutes on hold then got cut off. Tried again and Waited 4 hours on hold with the most horrid nasty repeat 'music'!! Obv by time I got to speak to someone the Web page for my hol I wanted to book had changed and Doubled in price!! I then found a different hol she took my card number but didn't tell me amounts being taken. When I looked on my credit card I'd been charged an extra £30!Tried to phone to get refunded but gave up after 2hr 47 min wait! Plus I had to wait 3 days for them to allocate my seats and upload my booking. The seats given are the worst ever right by the loos at back where the seats are cramped and stuffy.i can't log on to website to change. There local shop is shut and I can't get through on the phone. Ugh! Worst company ever!Total stressed out. Nightmare!"

Dave Hudson says

"Just waited 1 hour and 15 mins to speak to customer service..... You know it's a busy time so PUT ON MORE STAFF TO ANSWER THE PHONE!!!!"

Deborah ODonnell says

"Went to the far east on discovery I Dec 19. The ships engine caught fire missing kou samui and trip booked. 8 hour delay on our flight home. Captain was rude and lied to all on board. Applied for refund for missed trip and delayed flight by e mail. Still not had refund and was told I won't get one. Have always travelled with Tui and have done 5 cruises. Will never use them again. What has happened to this company sad"

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